Aries Monthly Love Horoscope

Three months after Venus, the planet of love returned for what is normally a 24 day visit to your romantic sector in early June, she is not only still here as you move into September, but it is at a standstill ahead of her direct turn on 4th September. This has been Venus' longest retrograde phase in your romantic sector since 1810 and while the doors are still open to the past and second chances as you move into the new month, you are preparing for a turnaround that will be akin to an opportunity for a do over. Since Venus returned the Sun, Mars and Mercury have all moved through and she herself is crossing ground already covered. Yet as Venus comes to a standstill and prepares to turn direct, she is not alone with the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment conveniently making her first visit to your romantic sector in four years. With Venus not leaving your romantic sector until 9th October and Juno until 18th October, this romantic chapter still has a long time to play out, though with the focus shifting away from the past on 4th September. As Venus starts to move forward, she will be crossing the same ground for the third time, with an opportunity for a do over coming with knowing now what you didn't before. {ads_delimiter}It is the Moon's visit from 11th September to 13th September that will give you a chance to capture this. Meanwhile, while the Sun won't return to your relationship sector until 23rd September, the point in each year when the solar spotlight will always shift onto your relationships, the month begins with Mars, the South Node and the dwarf planet Ceres already here. Mars only returned for his first visit in two years late last month, but Ceres has spent months on a deep dive into your relationship needs and priorities, giving the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos something to fight for from the start. Ceres will leave on 16th September, but Mars will stay on to welcome the Sun. The Moon will return just a few hours after Ceres leaves on 16th September and will leave on 18th September, before the Sun returns, giving you a better read on Mars' influence.
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