Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

While there is still no planetary activity in your relationship sector and won't be until the second half of the year, there is something special developing on the romantic front. The Sun's return to your romantic sector on 21st June is something that will always turn the solar spotlight onto matters of the heart and all things romantic at this time each year. However, this is something that the love gods are already preparing for and this will allow you to hit the ground running when the most romantically charged months of 2022 begin and that includes more than just the Moon's return to your romantic sector on 1st June. However, starting the month under romantically charged lunar vibes will get the month off to a good start. Instead, preparations began last month when the dwarf planet Ceres returned, making her the first planet to reach your romantic sector since the Sun left last July. This began Ceres' first deep dive into your heart's needs and priorities, something that will have been underway for over five weeks by the time the Sun returns and will continue throughout his month long visit. This is something that the romantically charged lunar vibes from 1st June to 3rd June will give you a better read on. Returning so early in the month, the Moon will have time to come full circle, not only returning on 28th June but aligning with the Sun just a day later to create a New Moon on 29th June. Adding to this is that as was the case when Ceres returned last month, the Sun will return to find the South Node, the force behind last month's eclipsing Full Moon in an adventurous part of your chart for the first time in 17 years. That lunar eclipse was during Ceres' first full day in your romantic sector, putting a partnership between the spirit of romance and adventure on display from the start.
You don’t always have to have a practical purpose hidden behind your little journeys, now do you?